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Why Hire a Professional Childproofer? 

Safer Babies is the only professional member of the International Association For Child Safety in the Philadelphia & Philly Tri-State area. The International Association for Child Safety® (IAFCS) is a network of child safety professionals and babyproofers.  IAFCS Members are recognized childproofing experts and are ready to help you make your home a safe place for your little one.  You can trust us to be knowledgeable, efficient, professional, and friendly. 


We will make sure your baby-proofing is done right the first time, with the best care of your home & the day-to-day safety of your little one in mind.  (It's not unusual for us to be called to come to fix incorrect or failing installs by clients or handymen. We are happy to do so,  but you may save the extra hassle, cost & possible safety hazards of other well-intentioned attempts if you start with us.)


Baby safety & skilled installation to make the safest environment for clients' children is our full-time job.


We can save you time by completing your childproofing quickly and efficiently, leaving you more time to spend with your family.   


We are professional problem-solvers and can devise safety solutions for even the most challenging situations.


We have experience dealing with all sorts of hazards in all types of homes, and can readily provide products and services to suit your specific needs.

We have access to hundreds of specialized safety products that you may not find on your own.

We provide professional installation of products so that they function safely and conveniently.


We can save you money by directing you to products that will work best for your needs, helping you avoid trial-and-error purchases and installation.


We keep fellow members up-to-date on new or hidden hazards in the home.


As IAFCS members we are committed to a Code of Ethics to maintain high industry standards."

Main Line Philadelphia house

Ready to Baby Proof?


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