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Tip-Over Prevention

Many parents don't consider their heavy furniture and TVs as hazardous. Yet hospitals report dozens of deaths, and 25,000 tip-over related injuries every year (most happening to children under 8 years old) proving heavy furniture and tv's to are real dangers if not properly secured. It's our goal for it to be commonplace for ALL heavy furniture and tvs to be anchored in every home with children under 8 years old. 


It's pretty simple: Gravity shifts when drawers are opened, and/or when furniture is climbed or knocked into - causing the weight of the item to crash forward. Many times children pull the furniture onto themselves just while trying to reach something, or climb. Children are caught off guard and often not fast enough to avoid a falling piece of furniture, or strong enough to lift the furniture off of themselves. And often the heavy object prevents them from being able to call out for help. 


  • Attach large furniture, such as dressers and bookshelves, to the wall using L-brackets, safety straps, or other secure attachment devices (see below for example pictures): Identify the pieces of furniture at risk (Including in bedrooms, as this is the most commonplace for a tip-over injury). Use two anchoring devices per piece of furniture. Carefully secure each anchor device to the heavy item and then into a wall stud. (You'll need a stud finder and a drill.) Contact us if you need help!
  • Place the TV on a low, wide base, and push it as far back on its base as possible. Check that the size and weight limit of the stand will hold your TV. Strap all TVs to an anchored stand and/or wall.
  • Place heavy items on lower shelves of bookcases or entertainment centers.
  • Use desks with wide legs or solid bases.
  • Install drawer latches or stops on all drawers. Open drawers can invite a curious toddler to climb or pull. They can also cause the weight to shift, making it easier for a dresser to fall. Latches won't work for older children thought
  • Parents should not place items of interest (toys, remote control) high on shelves or on top of the TV. Children may try to climb up the furniture to reach these items.
  • Keep cords from TVs and other appliances tucked away so a child does not pull these items down on himself.


There are a variety of products that can help secure your furniture and tvs. Our top choices, that we install for our Philadelphia area parents, are shown below. Call us if you have questions, would like more information, or would like us to bracket heavy items around the house for you.

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