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QUESTION: How much does babyproofing a home cost? 
ANSWER:  Every home and caregiving situation is unique, so cost information comes after we gather information from you about what your specific layout is and what your wants & needs are.  As small business owners, we understand cost-effectiveness & budgeting and do our best to provide you with options that are the best in quality,  workmanship & value.  

QUESTION: When should I babyproof?
ANSWER:  Every child's development & temperament is unique, as are most parenting & caregiver styles.... and life often just flies by!, so there is no hard and fast rule for when.  You are very welcome to call us at any time in your child's life, we are happy to help with whatever your current or soon-to-be needs are.   However, ideally, we suggest planning ahead to implement major babyproofing strategies just before an infant becomes mobile.  This provides the greatest reduction of stress or surprise injury. It also prevents stress & frustration as there is often a few-week wait time for an install date to be open.  We do the best we can though to install as soon as possible. 

QUESTION: What areas do you service?

ANSWER:  In PA - Chester County, Delaware County, Philadelphia County, Montgomery County, and parts of Bucks County.   In NJ - Parts of NJ that are within a 30-minute drive from Philly (Use the contact form, or email us with your address to check.) A few days of the year we also travel to the shore to babyproof vacation homes.  In DE - New Castle County. 


QUESTION: Do you provide the products? 

ANSWER: YES! We carry only the highest quality, easy-to-operate products. The usefulness and durability of these products have been proven by clients over the decades, for countless kids! Occasionally, we will suggest that a client order a specialty product and we will install it for them. (Sometimes, clients purchase products before contacting us and later ask us to install them. We may decline if they are not comparable, but we’ll help as best we can!)


QUESTION: What payment methods do you accept?

ANSWER: Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal, Zelle, or (for a small fee) Credit Card


QUESTION: Are you COVID-19 fully vaccinated & boosted?

ANSWER: YES! And will wear a mask at your request.


QUESTION: Why hire a professional babyproofer versus doing the job myself or hiring a handyman?

ANSWER:  Please see our Why Hire a Professional page


(HAVE another question?  Feel free to use the links below to get in touch and ask!)



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