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Parent Classes

We make Baby Safety Education fun and informative! 

Our classes are held a variety of locations & times around the Philadelphia & Main Line area and book in advance. Check out the class descriptions below, submit the class inquiry form, and we'll message you back with our upcoming matches & sign up info.  

Also, if you'd like to host a class at your group, facility, office or home - we'd be happy to discuss getting you on our schedule! 

Safer Babies Class Inquiry

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80% of car seats are not used correctly. Our class, taught by Safe Kids Certified Car Seat Tech, empowers parents with the knowledge needed to prevent being a part of that dangerous statistic. With the right information, you can know with confidence that you’re traveling safe and sound with your most precious cargo. Come learn about:

  • Crash dynamics
  • Choosing a car seat
  • Properly securing the chlid in the car seat
  • Installing the car seat into the vehicle
  • Common Car Seat mistakes


Every year, over 4 million children are injured in their homes. Did you know accidents, not illnesses, are the leading cause of child deaths? Injury statistics are made up of real children, whose parents never expected them to get hurt. Knowing how to properly babyproofing your home protects your child from unnecessary harm, and decreases household stress. 

  • The top home safety risks to infants and toddlers.
  • Child proofing Strategies
  • Deciding what's right for your home & family
  • Resources


CPR is a skill that can be learned by everyone. Our Infant CPR workshop is a great way to learn how to safely and effectively administer CPR in case of an emergency. These classes are great for parents, parents to be, grandparents, and caregivers. Groups are small. You will have plenty of “hands on” time with a life-like manikin. In addition, we offer materials that you will take home to reinforce the educational experience and improve your retention of the material presented. In addition to the classes scheduled around the Phila region, we also offer private in home classes for families.


One of the most effective ways to prepare your family for a crisis is to create a family emergency plan. Come learn from a MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) member how to prepare for different types of emergencies, including fire, severe weather, floods, etc. Your plan will help family members understand what to do during a variety of emergencies.

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