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*This checklist is meant to be a helpful general reference. It may not cover all the safety issues as you childproof your home. 

Stairway and Banister Safety

Use safety gates to help prevent falls down stairs, and to keep children away from dangerous areas.

Use only vertical slat gates. Gates should be securely mounted to the wall/banister at the top of a stair.

No pressure gates on or near stairs!

Banisters should have balusters with a 4 inch space or less. If wider than 4” use plexiglass.

Furniture Safety

Put corner cushions on sharp edges and corners of tables.

Secure all tall bookcases, dressers, and entertainment centers with furniture brackets to prevent toppling.

Store heavier items on bottom shelf.

Use anchors, safety straps or brackets to stop heavy TV’s, computers, and other equipment from moving.

Segregate tall lamps and coat racks from baby’s reach.

Check the underside of chairs and tables for protruding nails or screws.

Kitchen Safety

Use cabinet latches at the under-sink cabinet if you store cleaning products here. Or move them to a higher out-of-reach cabinet.

Use cabinet latches on all drawers and cabinets which contain knives, glass, sharp objects, plastic bags, seasonings, and liquor.

Keep your dishwasher latched at all times.

Use the back burners on your stove, and turn the pot handles to the back.

Install a stove guard barrier.

Use an oven lock to prevent access to the hot oven.

Use stove knob covers.

Have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in the kitchen.

Electrical Safety

Cover all in use child-accessible outlets with sliding plate outlet covers.

Secure excess lamp, computer and appliance cords.

Keep fans and portable heaters out of baby’s reach.

Use a power strip safety cover to protect exposed power strips.

Door Safety

Use a bi-fold door lock to prevent babies from pinching their fingers or opening bi-fold doors.

Door knob covers can keep babies from opening off-limits doors, but will allow adult use. Lever style knob covers are also available.

Use a door pinch guard or a door holder to prevent pinched fingers.

Use a one piece door stop to replace all metal stops with removable rubber tips.

Balcony & Deck Safety

Safeguard the railing of a raised deck or balcony with a mesh deckguard.

Check that chairs and furniture cannot be used for climbing over railings.

Railing with big openings can be childproofed with the installation of clear plexiglass.

Block deck stairs with the installation of a metal or plastic gate.

Window Safety

Install window guards to help prevent falls from windows.

Use window stops to prevent windows from opening beyond 4 inches.

Install window blind cord wraps to prevent the strangulation hazard.

Check condition of window screen attachment.

Fireplace Safety

Use a hearth gate to keep child away from it.

Use hearth cushions if you have a raised hearth.

Move poker and other fireplace tools out of reach.

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