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Why Babyproof?

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Decrease Stress

Engaging in frequent
"Battle of the No's" with an infant or toddler over opening a cabinet,
or staying off a staircase is a preventable waste of energy, time, and emotion.  Save your "No!" for other battles, and enjoy more time together.


+ Giving little ones safe places to explore and play is good for their development!


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Health & Safety

Over 4 million children are injured in their homes each year.  And, accidents, not illnesses, are the leading cause of child deaths.  Proper babyproofing reduces the likelihood of harm.  


We'll never forget the sorrow felt when meeting a local parent who lost their son to a furniture tip-over years ago.  It's our hope that no parent, especially in the Greater Philadelphia area, ever experiences such loss again.  Planning to implement a few wise safety measures really can save lives.  

Best Practice

Best Practice

"When you know better, you do better." Knowledge is power. The information we have today on home hazard statistics, combined with the availability of innovative child safety products, are catalysts to fuel best practices in baby safety. 

Just like car seat safety, babyproofing is a tool of modern parenting.  It's a proactive wise investment in your child's well being and development. 

Why Safer Babies?

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24 yrs of babyproofing experience. We are THE childproofing expert of Philadelphia & the Main Line.

Check Mark Safety Insurance Health


 We have full liability insurance, current background clearances, and are up to date on vacinnations. 

Chatbox Reviews


Check out what our Safer Babies clients are saying online! 

Gold Star Award


  • Philadelphia Family's 2024 Best Babyproofer LOVE Award. (4th year in a row!)

  • Main Line Parent's Best Babyproofer 2024 Love Award (3rd year in a rowI)

  • Bucks County Parent Best Babyproofer 2024 Love Award (2nd year in a row! 

  • Winner of Philly Magazine's  "Best of Philly" Award.

  • Winner of 7 consecutive Angie's List Super Service Awards.

Best Baby Safety Product

Best Products

The best products, installed with "A" grade craftsmanship. We know what products hold up over time, and are easy to consistently use. 

Camera Baby Proofing Photos


Photos of installed products  are available on Facebook & Instagram.  We have photos of installed baby gates, custom mounts, acrylic sheeting, furniture brackets, etc.  

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The ONLY member of the International Association For Child Safety ( in the Philadelphia & Philly Tri-State area.

Best A+

A+ Craftsmanship

All work is done with "A" grade craftsmanship.  You can trust the work to be secure and look good, the first time!

Professional Affilations


We are THE Baby Proofing Resource for Confident Parenting.

We are proud Business Members of  Philadelphia Family,
Main Line Family,

and Bucks County Parent 

Ready to Baby Proof?

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