Safer    Babies  - We make childproofing easy!
  • 18+ years of baby proofing for Main Line & Philadelphia famiies
  • Winner of Philly Magazine's "Best of Philly" Award
  • Winner of Angie's List Super Service Award the past 3 years 
  • Insured Member of the I.A.F.C.S. 

Every year, over 4 million children are injured in their homes.  And accidents, not illnesses, are the leading cause of child deaths.   Properly babyproofing your home protects your child from unnecessary harm. 

In addition, as safety increases, household stress decreases! Engaging in frequent "Battle of the No's" with an infant or toddler over opening a cabinet, pulling a wire,  or staying off a staircase is a preventable waste of energy time and emotion
In-home child safety evaluations:  Set up an appointment.  Tell us your concerns/needs.  We'll evaluate your home and make recommendations via a written proposal. 

Expert installation:  Decide what you'd like installed and our experienced professionals will do all the work for you! 

Premium Products:There are a lot of products on the market. Our experience helps us  know what works well and what doesn't.  We'll help you pick products that will best in your specific home, hold up well over time, and be practical/easy to use. 

Educational classes: Home Safety 101,  Car Seat Safety 101, Infant First Aid/CPR, Emergency Preparedness.

Community seat checks: Aiding parents toward best practice car seat safety.
Information: Trust us to keep you up to date year round on safety news and practical as well as seasonal safety tips  (via print & social media).