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Is Childproofing Necessary? Why baby proof your Philadelphia Main Line home?Is Childproofing Actually Necessary?

Yes! Whether you childproof your home yourself, or hire a professional, babyproofing is a wise move for modern families.  Skeptical? Consider the following: 

(1) "When you know better you do better." (Maya Angelou). 
 Our parents and grandparents didn't install baby safety products when we were kids.  But just because they didn't then, doesn't mean we shouldn't now.  Knowledge is power. The information we have today on home hazard statistics, combined with availability of child safety products, compels us to act responsibly to ensure our kids safety. (Older generations also didn't use child safety seats!)

(2) Injury statistics are made up of real children, whose parents never expected them to get hurt.
It's easy to distance ourselves from statistics. But when the statistics become real names and faces, their message is more poignant and urgent. As safety professionals, we are diligent because we're familiar with real life stories: toddlers who have died from TV's or furniture falling on top of them; young kids who drown when they wander off unexpectedly; children falling out of bedroom windows.  We have the inside story on head injuries and broken bones occurring from falls down stairs, and the desperate calls made to poison control. We are here to help protect your family from those kinds of painful circumstances. Why gamble with being a statistic, when there are simple ways to keep your baby safer?

(3) Modern technology is distracting. 
With the ever-increasing popularity of smartphones, tablets and laptops child injuries are actually on the rise.  Think of all the minutes your eyes are averted from fully watching your child when you check your inbox, send a quick text, or browse the internet. Little hands find big trouble when they are unsupervised in an un-babyproofed space. 

(4) Pick your battles and make them count! 
Discipline is hard work, and a life long process. Children need to learn obedience.  But human nature dictates that we don't easily listen to anyone who constantly yells "No" at us. Don't begin your baby's life with a series of " No opening the cabinets! No going upstairs! No pulling the wires. No don't touch that! Stop! No. NO!" Childproof your home and you'll feel less stress, your baby will feel less stress, and you'll have more patience (and more attention from your child)when an important "No!" is necessary.

(5) Babyproofing helps when someone else in charge.
 Even if you are 100% a perfectly attentive, vigilant parent who can without a doubt, and without stress, prevent your young child from encountering all dangerous hazards in your home - you are not with your child 100% of the time.  Babyproofing will decrease your stress and worry when you are away, and make things easier for those you entrust with your child.