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Baby & toddler safety during the Christmas & Hanukkah Holiday season.
Be merry! Stay safe: As you deck your halls this festive season, keep your safe by following these holiday safety tips:

  • Use a wide-based stand & secure your tree to the ceiling or wall with fishing line and an eye-hook.

  • Consider using non-breakable ornaments. Put any fragile ornaments up high and fasten securely with florist wire.

  • To prevent burns, use only LED lights that stay cool.

  • Replace ornament hooks with string or ribbon.

  • Do not put any chemical preservatives into the tree water. They might be toxic if your child ingests some of the water.

  • Do not use tinsel. It is easy to swallow, and causes intestinal blockage. And it can wind around baby's fingers, cutting off circulation. Also, certain brands contain lead.

  • If the above suggestions don't work: consider placing a play yard gate system around the tree during the hours your little one is awake. 

  • Consider getting a tabletop tree for your playroom, with kid friendly ornaments, or hand made paper ornaments. Your child will fun decorating and redecorating throughout the season!

Ribbons, packing material, and plastic wrapping pose choking and suffocation dangers. Dispose of them as soon as they come off a gift.  

Gift wrap may contain traces of lead. Prevent children from chewing on it.      
  • Guests' purses and personal items may contain small items and medicines that are particularly dangerous for small children. Keep them out of reach.

  • Don't assume your child is supervised because she is sitting in the middle of a room full of people. Designate caregivers if you are running errands, cooking, or needing a break.

  • Keep party food and alcoholic drinks out of child's reach. Remind guests to do the same. 

  • If you visit another home, take a quick look around to identify hazards for your child. Bring toys from home so your child will have safe, appropriate toys to play with.

  • Make sure your holiday decorations include items your child CAN touch & feel.

  • Place any decoration that would not be safe if used as a toy out of reach of the child.

  • Never leave your child alone in a room with lit candles. Don't leave lit candles near air vents, open windows, or ceiling fans, or on tablecloths or runners where they can get pulled down.  Even better, consider using flameless candles.

  • Keep poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly berries out of reach.  Poinsettias produce a milky juice that may cause severe irritation to susceptible children.  Berries from holly and mistletoe can be poisonous.

Holiday safety tips (Christmas, Hanukkah) for parents with babies and toddlers.And remember: Infants & young children feel the
stress of holiday time, just as parents do. 
Take breaks! Play. Read a book. 
Cancel something! Dance! Cuddle. 

Enjoy the season together!